Fireweed Property


The Fireweed Property is a polymetallic (Ag, Zn, Pb, Cu, Au) discovery of massive sulphide and sulphide replacement type mineralization. The region has seen active mineral exploration since the turn of the century with numerous producers. Examples are the Granisle Mine (10 km to the southeast), Bell Copper Mine (5 km to the east) and the undeveloped Morrison Deposit (17 km to the northeast). One of the most significant was the Equity Silver Mine at Goosly Lake with very similar mineralization to Fireweed.

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Previous Work

Approximately $4,100,000 has been spent on exploration of the property to date, including the completion of approximately 73,000 feet of diamond drilling. As well, in July and August, 2005 approximately 25 km of marked grid lines was completed. SJ Geophysics Ltd. completed a 3-D Induced Polarization Survey across part of the property.

The Company has successfully completed it's Phase I and Phase II drill programs as of April, 2012 (See news releases dated February 1, 2011 and April 18th 2012) by drilling over 2,200 meters to meet its Year 1 and 2 option requirements with Pachamama Resources Ltd. Additionally in December 2016, Shamrock drill tested the ‘South Zone’ possible polymetallic target, defined by a broad magnetic response. A geochemical base-metal anomaly in the South Zone area consisting of historical localized float sampling returned up to 479 g/t Ag, 2.6 g/t Au, 0.28% Cu, 2.6% Zn and 1.3% Pb.

A “drill indicated resource” was calculated prior to the implementation of National Policy 43-101 and as such, must now be termed a “historical mineral resource”. The most significant results of that conservative calculation are as follows: 

Category Resource Silver Lead % Zinc %
Imperial 640,000 Tons 277g/t 1.34 2.22


In July of 2012, Shamrock completed a National Policy 43-101 Technical Report (amended March 2, 2015) on the Fireweed project which is available by searching SEDAR or on this site by at this link Fireweed Technical Report - July 19, 2012 (amended March 2, 2015) 

Future Exploration

The goal of Shamrock will be to attempt to expand the known zones, discover new mineralized zones and to better define the heavily mineralized West Zone.

Shamrock intends to fulfill its 2017 Year option requirement during this years exploration season. After the conclusion of Shamrocks 2017 exploration work program, the company will compile the data collected from all phases of current and previous drilling and geophysical work, to enhance a larger geometric picture and consequent new geological interpretation of the Fireweed Property. This information will prove invaluable in enabling the Company to focus its efforts on further  development and exploration at Fireweed. 

(The historical resource was classified as a “Drill Indicated Resource” by Robert Holland P.Geo for Canadian United Minerals in the June 20, 1989 Fireweed Project Summary Report. The resource estimation was reviewed in 1989 by independent consultant Giles R. Peatfield, Ph.D., P. Eng. who endorsed the method used.  Shamrock does not imply or suggest that the geology or mineralization on Fireweed is similar to any projects within close proximaty or adjacent to the Fireweed project and any exploration and development by Shamrock may not obtain similar results. Investors are cautioned that mineral deposits on adjacent properties do not necessarily indicate and do not prove the existence, nature or extent of mineral deposits on Fireweed. All resource estimate quoted herein are based on prior data and reports obtained and prepared by previous operators and information provided by the Province of B.C. The Company has not completed the work necessary to verify the classification of the mineral resource estimate. The Company is not treating the mineral resource estimate as NI 43-101 defined resource verified by a qualified person. The historical estimate should not be relied upon. The property will require considerable further evaluation which Shamrock’s management and consultants intend to carry out in due course. Technical content of this website has been reviewed and approved by Plen Dickson, P.Eng a qualified person for the purposes of NI 43‐101.)

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